Patient Testimonials

This was a pretty mind blowing experience. You need to maintain the positive attitude and make sure you keep yourself educated on the type of cancer you have. Without understanding your disease, you may not know what questions to ask. And, no matter what, never give up. East Jefferson General Hospital saved my life. Read more about Barry’s success story
Barry B.
Diagnosed Summer 2009
Rectal Cancer Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Surgery

I was very pleased with the treatment I received at East Jefferson. The people were just wonderful and perfect! I was in awe of them. They became my extended family while I was there, especially the ladies in the Infusion Center. They were just so friendly, they made me feel so comfortable. I was almost sad to leave when my treatment was over, I just fell in love with all those ladies who treated me, especially Countess. Overall, I was thrilled with the service I received at East Jefferson.

Read more about Dolores’ success story

Dolores O.
Breast Cancer Combination of Surgery, Chemo & Radiation Therapy

We love our patients, so it’s always great to hear feedback from them that tells us that the feeling is mutual! At East Jefferson Radiation Oncology, we work with each patient individually, so their treatment is designed to fit their specific needs. Here are a few stories from our recent clients.

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