BrainLAB iPlan and Exactrac are integrated hardware and software packages specifically designed by BrainLAB, a German company that has emerged as a major innovator in advancing radiation therapy.

BrainLAB allows us to very accurately deliver high-dose radiation to a target with a very high degree of precision. The system that we most commonly use is frameless, so that patients can be treated quickly and without an added procedure to affix the headframe into the skull

Exactrac allows continuous, real time imaging that allows us to account for tumor motion during and over the course of radiation treatments. Exactrac Image-Guided Radiation Therapy allows a patient to be positioned to within sub-millimeter accuracy, and the treatment to be only delivered when the patient and the target are within the radiation field.

We use Tomotherapy to help treat certain types of cancer situations. These include head and neck cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancers, and brain treatments including Hippocampal-avoidance radiation therapy (HA-RT).

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