EJRO Introduces Optune Treatment for Brain Tumors

Our group is proud to introduce Optune™ as a new treatment option for patients with a brain tumor called GBM. This was recently FDA-approved after clinical trials showed an exciting survival benefit. Find out more.

EJRO is the first medical office in the Greater New Orleans area to offer Optune, by Novocure. Optune is a Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) delivery system that is approved by the U.S. FDA for the treatment of adult patients with glioblastoma (GBM). In newly diagnosed GBM, Optune plus the standard-of-care chemotherapy temozolomide (TMZ) demonstrated a statistically significant increase in median progression-free survival (PFS), median overall survival (OS) and 2-year survival rates. In recurrent GBM, Optune has shown clinical efficacy comparable to that of physician’s choice chemotherapy (including bevacizumab) with better quality of life with significantly fewer treatment-related adverse events than chemotherapy. Read more here.

EJRO physicians are certified, along with our neurosurgery partners Dr. Peter Amenta, Dr. Aaron Dumont and Dr. Ricky Medel. Patients or their providers can call Susan at (504) 454-1780 to schedule an evaluation.

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