Prostate Cancer

About Prostate Cancer

There are over 180, 000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed each year. Prostate cancer is felt to remain localized to the prostate for many years but then can then spread to involve the nodes, the bone, or even other organs. Our goal at EJ Radiation is to try and assess the severity and extent of each man’s disease and then match that to personalized treatment. We do not want to over-treat men with more indolent — slower growing — disease but want to pick appropriately aggressive treatments for men with more advanced disease.


Our Goal in EJGH Radiation Oncology is to both cure the cancer and maintain your quality of life. Maintaining quality of life includes preserving teeth, taste, speech, and swallowing. We work closely with our colleagues in head and neck surgery, speech therapy, dental oncology, and medical oncology to get our patients the best outcomes.

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